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Day Care in Surrey, BC

Sullivan's Kiddie Caboose is in reputable child day care and learning center that has been in business for years. We are a day care center that is dedicated to providing your child with the education, care, and attention that they need. Our preschool is a high-end daycare with an education programs, activities and more!

Day Care

We know how it important it is for children to develop and learn, which is why we provide hands-on activities, outdoor nature experiences and arts & crafts to develop cognitive learning. We also infant and toddler care, giving our kids the attention and care that is crucial for brain development and growth. We are a child care center you can trust and rely on!

We want to create a dream place for the kids. A place where they can play, socialize, discover the world, scream, and learn to their heart's content. We have a safe and well-balanced learning environment. In addition to toddler care, we have infant care as well. We want our parents to have a peace of mind and guarantee their kid will be in great hands.

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